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Venice - a unique city, port, place on Earth. Full of architectural works, old-fashioned cityscapes, that disappear with every decade, swallowed by the sea. The same Sea hich helped to build this paradise of merchants, traders, painters, sailors and even thieves. A city that inspires artists and invites tourists, unique, beautiful, sometimes repulsive with stinking water during hot summer. The project was based on a passion for old architecture,  an old photos and noble photographic techniques, which never reflected a realism but added something from each other: cyanotype - blue tint, pigment photography - different, sometimes crazy colors. Just like this city, different from the patterns of a typical  Renaissance cities. RAW files have been processed with an advanced  color correction to obtain the intended result. Thanks to sophisticated frames and advanced colorization, it was possible to achieve look of an old photography, but still different, completely new, being a fusion between a painting, analog photographic techniques and modern digital photography.

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