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Sebastian Oleksik

Photographer, filmmaker, sailor, traveler. Passionate about looking at the world through closed frames and a fan of noble photographic techniques such as cyanotype and pigment photography. After twenty years of active photography, he sees much more than he used to

He runs a commercial photo studio Sibui Studio. ("Sibui" is a Japanese word meaning beauty and harmony obtained with minimal resources


Today, color photography is giving way to black-and-white photography, painting and graphics. He has always loved color photography. That is why his mission is to elevate a color prints above typical schemes such as socjal media, plastic prints from fotolabs or to many of holiday photos. He wants to show the world that color photography is valuable in many aspects: artistic, cultural and collector's. Advanced color grading reflecting an analog process and prints made with the highest quality archival materials can be a valuable interior decoration just like other types of art.


Graduate of WSPiZ in Łódź and ZPAF in Warsaw, he developed his artistic  under the guidance of the best Polish photographers, incl. prof. Sergiusz Sachno, prof. Zbigniew Tomaszczuk, Paweł Żak, Tomek Sikora, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Wacław Wantuch, Basia Sokołowska, Jowita Morlul, Janusz Lirski and others.



Worth looking for... (indyvidual)

POLYESTER Cafe, Warsaw

JUNI 7 - JULY 14 - 2006

Architecture landscape (collective)                     
ZPAF Gallery, Warsaw

JUNI 7 - JULY 14 - 2006

Nothing-something (collective)              Old Bakery, Krakow

 SEPTEMBER 11 - OCTOBER 10 - 2006

Nothing-something (collective)                    
Traffic Club, Warsaw  

FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 15 - 2007


Fall in love with Warsaw - distinction

Competition of the Warsaw Office 

WARSAW - 2023

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T: +48 608 360 492

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