Sebastian Oleksik

World observer, creator of images different from everyday life. Dreams in color and an illustrious world.

Photographer and filmmaker running Sibui Studio, graduate of SWSPiZ in Lodz and ZPAF in Warsaw. Author of exhibitions and advertising projects, lover of noble photographic techniques and images, where color plays an equally important role as form and content.



Worth looking for... (indyvidual)

POLYESTER Cafe, Warsaw

JUNI 7 - JULY 14 - 2006

Architecture landscape (collective)                     
ZPAF Gallery, Warsaw

JUNI 7 - JULY 14 - 2006

Nothing-something (collective)              Old Bakery, Krakow

 SEPTEMBER 11 - OCTOBER 10 - 2006

Nothing-something (collective)                    
Traffic Club, Warsaw  

FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 15 - 2007


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